Add new authorization

NIHAOJewelry helps you quickly open a shopify store and ship goods to your customers. If you opened a shopify store, so you can use the following link, install nihaojewelry application. You can quickly list hot items, change item prices in shopify stores, and set profits; Synchronizes orders from shopify stores to nihaojewelry dropshiping for one-click purchase. Send goods to your customers through nihaojewelry.
How do I start my dropshopping store
The first situation: NihaoJewelry app has not been installed yet
1. Install NihaoJewelry app
2. Click Authorize
3. Register or log in to NihaoJewelry
Second case: NihaoJewelry app has been installed
1. Click the Add new autorization button to enter the shopify-bound store
2. Choose your store